-\-\ An E-mail Convo With British Acid -\-\ Interview

-\-\ An E-mail Convo With British Acid -\-\ Interview

British Acid is an acid techno group from England. Download their ‘British Acid Trax’ albums at http://britishacid.bandcamp.com

Ed: Hello, thanks for the response. It seems as though you have released some new albums recently. Could you tell us all about them?

Ba: To be frankly honest with you we were jamming and messing about then we chucked the results on bandcamp for a laugh. It’s completely perplexing to us that we’re getting gig and interview requests and a small but steady financial income. We have two albums out, British Acid Trax I&II, and they’re both in the style of acid house and techno.

Ed: Why didn’t you release them on vinyl?

Ba: We can’t afford it! This is just a fun hobby for us, please don’t take it seriously.

Ed: Is British Acid a prank by Rephlex?
Ba: Nope!

Ed: Is British Acid in any way associated with Rephlex or Planet Mu?

Ed: Why did you choose the name British Acid?
Ba: Well it was a joke. We had some nationalised industries here called British Rail and British Telecom and we think the artwork etc that’s associated with those specific industries was jolly well beautiful.

Ed: What music have you been enjoying recently?

Ba: Some sweet techno stuff basically. Sint – Winters is number one on the playlist at the moment.

Ed: What is the artist name for the album Old a&d tracks 2003-2005, JFB or British Acid?

Ba: Joe Bloggs Extreme 99.

Ed: When is the next album coming out?

Ba: When it’s ready! (Next time we meet for a jam). We already put out two this year.

Ed: Any plans to tour?

Ba: We’ve done plenty of one-off gigs in Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Malta, and Holland. One of my partners makes a living DJing in China, they’re learning to love techno over there.

Ed: Where was your best gig?

Ba: Valletta 2010, only about 30 people at a dingy little place but these gorgeous women were getting well into it but they robbed our Thomas the Tank Engine masks so we chased them down the street and we made up and went to McDonald’s etc so we stayed a few extra days at their apartment.

Ed: When are you going to play Chicago?

Ba: when a serious promoter asks us to? We’re bookable

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